Our method: growth and progress with our 5-step method

SCSE works with an efficient and unique 5-step method. This is how we determine what strategy will work best for your business. Afterwards you’ll receive from us a detailed but concise strategic commercial plan in which all necessary steps to make your retail business flourish, are described.

5-step method for a growing retail business

Our 5-step method works as follows:

1. Listening, getting to know and comprehending

We listen to your story. We get to know and understand your retail and/or wholesale business through conversation and questions such as:

  1. What kind of shops are we talking about? How big are they? What do you sell? Which products do well and which don’t? How do you handle this? What’s the atmoshpere like? What kind of image do you present?
  2. How do your clients and buyers shop? Which products are of most interest to them? Which brands do they buy most often? Why? What prices do you set? This is the phase where we take the time to carry out in-depth interviews and conversations with your employees and yourself.
  3. What product ranges and lines do you offer? Which brands and volumes? How do you communicate with the brands and about the brands?
  4. How about the competition for your shops?

2. What type op shop, store or supermarket do you have?

We check and analyze:

  1. Sales numbers and profits per m2
  2. Look & feel of your shop, the amount of alloted ”meters”, your products and how they are presented
  3. The positioning of your shop, store, supermarket in the market: sociodemographic context per subsidiary based on the GfK and other numbers, …

3. Determining and working out optimal modules, optimizing category management

Based on all the data that we collected and the ideas that we have developed, we suggest either flexible modules or an optimal linear. This is how we find the perfect set-up for your stores and supermarkets too. Meanwhile we also determine the optimal staff ratio and merchandising.

4. Recommendations

We give recommendations on which products to remove and which products (or ranges) to promote. Our motto is: “be competent and dominant.” On the other hand we give recommendations on how to reach and play the right market in order to create growth for your stores.

5. Hands-on approach and go-to-market strategy

SCSE helps you seal deals and partnerships. If you wish, we can also help you to ensure continuous growth in the future and to follow up closely on the evolution of your shops and supermarkets.

We specialize in the German and Benelux markets. Looking for a way in? Make sure to contact us! We set up meetings ASAP en this on a C-level in order to get a possible listing of your products and ranges.

Ready to boost your retail business?